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Join UAW Local 647

Since 1942, UAW Local 647 has been fighting for workers' rights and the betterment of its members. Join us today and help us continue this fight.





What We Do

    UAW Local 647 represents workers in a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, and healthcare. We negotiate contracts, advocate for our members' rights, and provide resources and support to help them succeed.
    Our union also has a strong commitment to the community. We partner with local organizations to support education, job training, and other initiatives that benefit working families.

Who We Are

    At UAW Local 647, we believe that every worker deserves a fair wage, safe working conditions, and a voice on the job. We are dedicated to fighting for these rights and improving the lives of our members and their families.
    We welcome all workers who share our values to join our union and help us continue the fight for workers' rights. Click below to learn more about membership and how to join.
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