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UAW Local 647
10020 Reading Road
Evendale, Ohio

Phone: 513-563-6181
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 For information on joining a committee, call the union hall at 513 563-6181.




uaw45.jpg Standing committees shall perform all duties assigned to them by the Constitution and By-laws and such additional duties as they may be directed to perform from time to time by the President, The Executive Board and the Membership. These Committees are the tools through which policies and programs aimed at strengthening our Union are put to work.  They fulfill their responsibilities to the membership by implementing activities that advance the social, economic and political goals of the UAW.


"No nation can be ignorant and free," was said by Thomas Jefferson. This is equally true about unions. Every effort you can make to assure a better feeling of solidarity, every improvement in the skill of a leader, every attempt to inform the membership, and every contact with community leaders can mean a better tomorrow for your union - and you. Many UAW members serve their local unions and their communities through "Local Union Standing Committees". Some committees are mandated by the International Union, while others are created locally for the benefit of the membership. Click on the links to the left for more information about each committee.




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